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Mailing Address:


3340 S. Crawford Glen

Santa Ana CA 92704


Opening Hours:


Online 24/7


Founded in 2015,  Elaine Kim Ratner set out to empower women and to share fashion on a more personal level. Each item has been carefully examined and selected by her to be apart of her exclusive high end quality collection. Experience a new and innovated way to personally connect through her clothing line.

In 2016 , Elaine Created her retail brand, ekAttire, on Poshmark with the goal of empowering women and sharing fashion on a more personal level. Elaine considers herself the “ultimate personal stylist”, having built a thriving business by styling personalized looks for her shoppers. Elaine has spoken at the Poshfest twice ( 2016 & 2017) , and is now one of the top stylist and seller on the APP . 


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